Twilight Clue

Peace Love Twilight! is having a big online game of Twilight Clue.
Looks like you’ve found your first clue!

Clue (Day 1)


By solving the mystery of who killed Bella Swan
you can win some AMAZING prizes

1st place
-one ticket to Bobby Long’s concert in Dallas
(courtesy of the Twilight Examiner)
-a Bella charm bracelet (courtesy of Robsten Lovers)
-a Betti Gefecht maxi CD (two songs, including her popular “One Wolf/Jacob’s Song” (courtesy of Betti Gefecht)
-an Edward magnet (courtesy of Robsten Lovers)
-Your opportunity to star in the popular fan fiction, “Edge of Night” (courtesy of Twilight Continues)
-a Twilight button (courtesy of Robsten Lovers)
-a $25 Cafe Press gift card (courtesy of Twitarded)
-a clock or mug of your choice from the Twilight Lexicon shop (courtesy of the Lexicon)

2nd place
-a bracelet based on Bella’s gift bracelet in the series, with wolf and heart charms (courtesy of The Danger Magnet)
-a Bella bracelet (courtesy of Robsten Lovers)
-a Twilight poster (courtesy of Super Secret Twilight Blog)
-a Twilight button (courtesy of Robsten Lovers)
-a Betti Gefecht maxi CD (courtesy of Betti Gefecht)

-a Twilight DVD (courtesy of the Twilight Parents Examiner)
-Twilight sweethearts (courtesy of Eyes of Amber)

3 runners up
-a Twilight button (courtesy of Robsten Lovers)

Here’s how Twilight Clue works:

*Bella Swan has been found dead. It is your job to figure out who killed her, where they did it, and what they used to kill her!*
I will give you NINE clues each day for five days. You will be able to see what they are and what they look like in these posts. Every clue will be hidden somewhere on one of the participating sites. (See below) However, out the 45 total clues, there will be 3 you will not be able to find on any site: one person, one place, and one weapon. These are your guilty three. On the fifth day (tomorrow, June 21 is Day One and Thursday, June 25 is Day Five) I will put up a form. You will submit the guilty person, scene-of-the-crime, and weapon.

For more info on the participating sites (where you find all these clues) click here.

There are 45 “clues” you will be given. There are 15 Twilight characters as suspect perpetrators of the crime, or possible “murderers”. There’s 15 Twilight places as possible “scenes-of-the-crime” where the murderer may have committed the crime. There are also 15 Twilight-related possible “weapons” that the murderer may have used to kill Bella.


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  1. Uhm, how is that day one, PLT didn’t post that as day one…

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